Our project starts with a simple HTML page that has been pushed to Github. We'll step through converting it into an Astro project.

A Cloudflare Pages project has been created on for this Github repo. Now, every time any branch in this repo gets modified, Cloudflare will rebuild it.

Changes to the "main" branch will be published to the "production" URL.

Original Version Link

Github (main branch)

npm init astro --template framework-preact
yarn dev

NOTE: I've modified it just slightly for this presentation

Changes to any branch other than "main" will be published to a unique preview URL.

Astro-ized Version Links

Github ( feat/add-astro-to-project branch)

I've thrown a really quick UI into the code to demonstrate how Astro can handle all the typical React(Preact) type functions, hooks, etc.

I'm no designer - sue me!

UPC Lookup Links

Github ( feat/add-upc-lookup-ui branch)