Astro is one of many Static Site Generators (SSG) developers can choose from today.

The general idea of an “Islands” architecture is deceptively simple: render HTML pages on the server, and inject placeholders or slots around highly dynamic regions. These placeholders/slots contain the server-rendered HTML output from their corresponding widget. They denote regions that can then be "hydrated" on the client into small self-contained widgets, reusing their server-rendered initial HTML.

By default, zero developer generated JavaScript is shipped to the client. However, a small loader script will be downloaded for all pages.

The loader script allows for hydrating client components as needed and only when they are visible using the intersection observer.

The presentation you're viewing was generated using Astro. You can find the source code for it here .

After the next release of Astro (SOON TM), I'll strip all of my own content out and make it available as an OSS project called astro-presents .

The Astro Discord server is very active with a diverse group of core team and community members. The community has created some great additions to Astro to help make working with Astro even easier. Here are some examples.