In 2013, I left my boring enterprise developer position in the telecom ☎ industry to jump into the exciting world of mobile app 📱 development.

Sadly, my own personal apps haven't made me rich 😢. To make ends meet, I've been an occasional contract mobile app developer and worked for a major e-commerce company.

Together with some great teams, I've built mobile apps for several Fortune 100 companies.

Now, I'm happily 😊 un(der)-employed and just enjoying dabbling with lots of new tech 👨‍💻.

Please reach out to me if you:

Right now, I'm really focused on my health and looking for opportunities that are exactly what I want instead of "almost".

Short term opportunities are most likely to fit that bill right now. However, if the right job were to land in my lamp, I'd be pretty happy with that too.